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Hotel Garibaldi boulevard, heart of the 15th district

 Boulevard Garibaldi, Paris 15

Located in the 15th arrondissement of Paris, Boulevard Garibaldi honors the Italian general of the same name, which contributed to the victory of France against Prussia in 1870. That year, in fact, the interim government set up after imprisonment of Napoleon III in the defeat of Sedan receives a message from Garibaldi offers its full support to a country he loves, he says, with all his heart. Marseille, the armies joined Garibaldi Dijon, where they crushed the Prussian troops in January 1871. A few days later, it's the armistice while in February of the same year, Garibaldi was elected, he refuses mandate before retiring in French political life. At the Invalides, the Army Museum and the Military Academy, part of the Boulevard de Grenelle, north of the fifteenth arrondissement, was renamed Boulevard Garibaldi in 1885, as a posthumous tribute to General. Crossed by the street Croix Nivert east and Avenue de Breteuil in the west, the current Boulevard Garibaldi Paris 15 extends over 700 meters. It includes, in particular, Baldi hotel, whose name echoes that of Giuseppe Garibaldi.

What to see and do Boulevard Garibaldi

But the hotel's name is also an excellent way to mark its address in a corner of his memory, since the hotel Boulevard Garibaldi Baldi, there is a step ... or two syllables! This large cross Boulevard, between the 15th arrondissement neighborhood Ecole Militaire, offers, in addition, the precious advantage of being populated with restaurants of all kinds. Thus Boulevard Garibaldi in Paris 15 appears as a showcase of all world cuisines: Thai, Italian, Japanese, Lebanese, Indian, Korean, French cuisine ... Enough to occupy your evenings at the end of a walk in the fifteenth arrondissement, not including sidewalk cafes that you sit down in the day, just to take a break and enjoy the scenery!

The hotel Baldi, in the heart of Corso Garibaldi

Served by two underground stations (to the west and Cambronne Sèvres-Lecourbe east) which link the neighboring districts, Boulevard Garibaldi, as a large urban arterial, is a particularly easy, as you traveled by car, metro or on foot. Indeed, the Montparnasse train station is less than 2 miles away, the case of a five-minute subway ride or a short taxi ride. Located in the heart of the Boulevard Garibaldi, at the height of the streets and Miollis Pérignon, the Baldi hotel is also an ideal base for visiting the surrounding boroughs. North of the fifteenth, the 7th arrondissement, with, among others, the Eiffel Tower and the Trocadero, but also the 14th to the east, with the cemetery and the Montparnasse Tower, can be the subject of the day excursions on the basis of routes on foot or, why not, if we want to enjoy the landscape, Vélib!